Martin Nydegger, CEO Switzerland Tourism ST, and Maurus Lauber, CEO of Swiss Travel System (STS) were in Brazil for the launch of the winter season 2018/2019. It was the first time they had attended this trade and media event. A total of 37 tour operators and nine Brazilian journalists accepted the invitation to the event from the ST representation office.


According to TMS 2017, what is the average daily spending of a Brazilian guest in Switzerland, excluding travel to and from the destination?

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A guest from the Brazil spends an average of CHF 240 per day. The average for all guests is CHF 165 (excluding travel to and from the destination).


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The new winter campaign “Upgrade Your Winter” was presented, along with the diverse range of train travel offers in Switzerland. Winter sports are becoming increasingly popular among Brazilians, as the statistics show: in the winter season 2016/2017, the Federal Statistical Office counted 109,589 overnight hotel stays by Brazilians. In 2017/2018, this figure rose by 11.6% (to 122,296 ON).

The success of the event was due in particular to the effective cooperation among ST, STS, Rail Europe, SWISS/Edelweiss, the Swiss running shoe brand “On” and the toothbrush manufacturer Curaprox. The feedback from participants was also positive: “The event in Rio de Janeiro was great and one of the best-organised I’ve attended in the past 15 years. We’re now even more #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND,” said Ana Cucci, Manager of the Virtuoso network, expressing her thanks.