Switzerland Tourism ST took part again in one of the most important Spanish fairs for contemporary art. ARCOmadrid draws around 100,000 visitors.

From 21 to 25 February 2018, ST presented the Swiss cultural landscape in collaboration with Basel Tourism and the Art Museums of Switzerland with the motto “Switzerland is art. A great open-air museum”.


Which Swiss tourism zone is the most popular among Spanish guests?

  1. Mountains
  2. Major Cities
  3. Small towns
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According to the Federal Statistical Office (overnight stays), 63,1% cited the “Major Cities” tourism zone their favourite. This is followed by “Mountains” with 16.2% and then “Small towns” with 15.9%.

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ST sparked visitors’ curiosity as the only tourist organisation among numerous art galleries. This meant that there was plenty of interest in the Swiss exhibition among Spanish culture travellers. The contemporary Spanish cultural magazine Yorokobu produced a 54-page brochure especially for the fair. It showcased Switzerland’s cultural heritage and innovative power in an unusual way, for instance with bookable cultural offers. ST staff distributed over 8,000 of these brochures during the fair.