City travellers like to see a new city through the eyes of the locals. Switzerland Tourism ST’s product developers launched two new offers with precisely that goal in mind, positioning Swiss cities as “boutique towns” and launching the “Swiss Urban Feeling” claim.

The two offers “Taste my Swiss City” and “Pop-up Hotels” promised visitors an authentic travel experience. The unusual accommodation, available for a limited time only, was a big hit with guests and the media, as the report shows.

With “Taste my Swiss City”, ST presented authentic gourmet experiences in 11 cities, bundled together for the first time on a centralised platform. Local experts each put together a culinary walk through their home city, taking in up to seven restaurants, bars, bistros and cafés. The booking figures for this newly introduced offer do not yet tell us much. But the feedback from the sector is positive, so the project will again be one of the main themes of the Cities campaign in 2019. The potential for optimisation will result in an even better experience for guests.  

Facts and figures
  2018 2017
Budget CHF million 10.8 10.6
Share of total budget % 11.7 11.3
Target markets BE, CH,DE, ES, FR,IT, UK, USA (with CA)
Page views*   954,066
Top advertising and marketing contacts million 877
Media contacts (readers, viewers, listeners) billion 4.22 2.50
Top Media Articles   968
Participants on ST press trips   1,012 973
Overnight stays influenced by KAM million 1
*Only views to pages with specific content for the cities campaign are counted.