The Switzerland Tourism ST office in Milan converted the terrace of the restaurant “La Terrazza di Via Palestro”, which is normally used only in summer, into a Swiss Winter Lounge.


What has been the change in the number of overnight hotel stays by Italian guests during the 2017/2018 Swiss winter season compared to the previous winter season?

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According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of overnight hotel stays by Italian guests during the 2017/2018 winter season rose by 3.9% (+17,311 ON).

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The atmosphere was reminiscent of a chic St. Moritz après-ski club. No wonder, as St. Moritz was one of the partners that supported the project and was present on site, alongside Switzerland Cheese Marketing, Ricola and Victorinox. This gave potential Italian visitors a taste of the Swiss winter without the need for a lengthy journey – and hopefully sparked their interest in experiencing the real thing.

50 journalists and 250 selected guests accepted ST’s invitation to the opening event, and around 1,500 guests attended the four Swiss Apéro Nights in November and December 2018. The Swiss Winter Lounge was then open to the public until 21 December – nearly two months in total due to its success over two weeks last year. Thanks to the large media presence at the opening event, this unusual location also attracted coverage in the Italian media.