To inspire individual and luxury travellers to visit the Swiss mountains, a “Swiss Alpine Suite” for overnight stays has been created in the luxury Hotel Éclat in Beijing (China). This unique pyramid-shaped hotel is a hub for Beijing’s high society and the local art scene.


How has the number (percentage) of overnight hotel stays by Chinese winter guests in Switzerland changed in the last five years?

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The number of overnight hotel stays by Chinese winter guests (Greater China) increased by 67.9% (217,238 ON) throughout Switzerland between the 2012/2013 and 2017/2018 seasons.

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Since autumn 2018, an Alpine-style suite has been promoting holidays in Switzerland and providing guests with information about Switzerland as a holiday destination.

Switzerland Tourism ST worked together with the young Swiss manager of Hotel Éclat Dany Lützel to ensure that the themed suite could be created in a Swiss style and decided to invite Hong Kong interior designer Monique McLintock to visit Switzerland. She got her inspiration for the Swiss Alpine Suite in Gstaad.

“The target group is just right,” says Simon Bosshart, Asia-Pacific Director at ST. “The guests of the Hotel Éclat have exactly the right purchasing power for a Swiss luxury stay. The suite occupancy rate is constantly high,” continued Bosshart.