Switzerland Tourism ST launched its first joint campaign with Concordia in 2018. The health insurer has made a name for itself in the family segment in particular. Concordia has more than 600,000 clients with a strong interest in family topics and has a special family website conci-world.ch (German), making it an ideal partner for this segment.

The campaign focused on fun-packed summer activities for the whole family at 13 selected family destinations (which have been awarded the “Family Destination” seal of quality). These include thrilling experiences such as a trip to a falconry in Locarno and a research trail in Savognin.


What is the main reason for holidays in Switzerland for domestic visitors?

  1. Sports opportunities
  2. Relaxation
  3. Family-friendly
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According to TMS 2017, the Swiss respondents cited “Family-friendly” (10.5%) as the main reason for holidays in Switzerland, followed by “Relaxation” (9.4%) and “Sports opportunities” (7.8%).

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ST and Concordia have produced a booklet(German) that gives an overview of 26 of these activities, with accompanying family hotel offers. Around 410,000 insured members received the booklet as an enclosure with the client magazine CARE. A further 10,000 copies were distributed via Concordia’s agencies. The booklets were also available free of charge at Swiss family destinations and at events for children and families.

Further publicity was provided by a major family competition, microsites run by Concordia and ST, native advertising (advertorials) and advertisements on social media (e.g. Twitter, German). “The offering was very popular with our target group – families,” said Dominik Hardegger, Head of Marketing at Concordia. “The campaign produced the best online performance for conci-world.ch in the key summer month of June. I would say that this joint campaign with ST was a successful project.”