As part of digital marketing, Switzerland Tourism ST continually further develops digital communication for all devices and channels. Initiatives in 2021 included the relaunch of the Swiss Snow App and the testing of new social audio formats such as the Clubhouse app, which was launched with a great deal of hype.

The four pillars of marketing
The marketing model for Switzerland Tourism ST is based on the four pillars of marketing. Specifically, the four main tools for this communication approach are Digital Marketing, Key Account Management (KAM), Key Media Management (KMM) and Promotion. In combination, these four main tools achieve the best possible impact for generating overnight stays. It is important that the different general conditions and consumer behaviour in the various markets are taken into account.
Facts and figures
Digital marketing   2021 2020
Web visits per day*   92,222 81,077
Web visits per year* million 33.20 29.67
Languages   16 16
Hotels   2545 2,336
Holiday apartments   24,436 24,078
Newsletter subscribers   1,076,840 1,000,203
Newsletters sent million 11.24 9.88
Downloads mobile apps million 3.36 3.33
Social media exposures** million 4.76 4.56
* Source: Google Analytics including extrapolation (formerly WEMF)

 ** Number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vine, Weibo, Renren, Google+, WeChat