Whenever global sustainability rankings are drawn up, Switzerland regularly features at the top of the list. Our country also has an exceptionally sustainable tourism offering. The Swiss tourism industry has always taken care to strike a balance between the needs of visitors, the local populace and the environment.

To date, however, this ace cards have rarely been used in tourism marketing and are not yet part of the public consciousness, particularly among potential visitors. To change this and above all satisfy international trends and visitor needs, Switzerland Tourism ST last year launched a sustainability movement (German) in combination with the entire industry.

ST and its partners take a holistic approach to sustainability. This means that society and business are also emphasised alongside nature and the environment. Sustainability is enriching. Sustainable travel doesn’t mean doing without, but rather travelling with greater awareness and appreciation. Visitors should:

The summer GA travelcard Swisstainable offer was a huge hit. How much did one month’s second-class travel cost?

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ST unveiled the summer GA travelcard – one of the first offers from the tourism industry under the new Swisstainable banner – in June 2021. It offered one month’s travel throughout the whole of Switzerland by public transport, for an unprecedented and unbeatable price of CHF 330 (2nd class).

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  • enjoy nature up close and at first hand
  • experience local culture in an authentic way
  • consume regional products
  • stay for longer and delve deeper.

The Swisstainable brand was created for this movement and for the global showcase of ST’s tourism marketing. Tourism-related businesses become part of the programme that shares its name and are awarded the Swisstainable emblem in reflection of their commitment to sustainability. Both pioneering firms and those just setting out on this journey can take part, with three levels (German) of recognition available. As at the end of 2021, 649 businesses were already enrolled in the programme. The Swisstainable marketing campaign has been rolled out nationally and across Europe, with advertising placed in prestigious media such as the Swiss print publications NZZ and Le Temps (more than 300,000 readers) and online across the continent with National Geographic (reach of over nine million impressions). The “Manifesto” advert achieved more than 26 million impressions.

ST presented the first sustainable tourism products during the summer: the summer GA travelcard and the Swisstainable Experience Shop. The special public transport offer incentivised domestic travellers to experience the summer in a sustainable way, while the shop presented sustainable holiday experiences from across the entire country.