Switzerland Tourism ST makes the most of the opportunities offered by Promotion to market the many faces of Switzerland worldwide. Typical examples in 2020 were the campaign ads, brochures and special offers for summer, autumn, cities and winter. However, content marketing formats like key stories are included in the measures.

The four pillars of marketing
The marketing model for Switzerland Tourism ST is based on the four pillars of marketing. Specifically, the four main tools for this communication approach are Digital Marketing, Key Account Management (KAM), Key Media Management (KMM) and Promotion. In combination, these four main tools achieve the best possible impact for generating overnight stays. It is important that the different general conditions and consumer behaviour in the various markets are taken into account.
Facts and figures
Promotion   2021 2020
Top marketing contacts* billion 2.75
High-quality customer contacts** million 15.48 11,08
* Contacts from paid advertising (banners, posters, TV ads, events, etc.)

 ** Number of e-newsletter subscribers, contacts via the call centre, phone calls, emails, letters, brochure requests and downloads, travellers booking at STC/MySwitzerland.com, STC and tour operator respondents via MySwitzerland.com, app downloads, feedback/likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter