The most-clicked Key Story in 2018 was the Kambly Experience Tour of the Emmental. Full story.

The Key Stories are the main focus of content marketing for Switzerland Tourism ST. Each story talks about people or a tourism experience and was developed in collaboration with the regional partners or destinations involved. Key Stories contain exciting images, an inspirational video clip and an engaging text. ST produced 11 city Key Stories and 12 summer Key Stories for 2018. In addition, there are nine stories for the winter season 2017/2018 and eight for winter 2018/2019. In addition, ST produced a special cycling Key Story for the hotels. They were published on the website, as canvas ads on Facebook (full-screen displays on the mobile Facebook newsfeed), as “native advertising” (placed by the native ad network Outbrain), as part of media campaigns, in the ST newsletter, ST magazines and at partner events.

Switzerland Tourism ST uses this marketing method to pursue its aim of whetting existing and new guests’ appetite for adventures in Switzerland and of kindling their desire to travel.