With the advent of new technologies and platforms, guest behaviour has become increasingly mobile, short-term focused, experience-oriented and price-sensitive. Switzerland Tourism ST is developing offers in the hotel industry that reflect the latest trends and also attract a lot of attention because of their powerful messages. In 2018, it was the pop-up hotels project, part of the Cities campaign that made the most headlines.

The motto for the last Hotel Marketing Day was “Go big or go home”. Around 400 participants were able to choose from ten breakout sessions and discover what kinds of offers and stories they could use to compete successfully against the big hotel chains.

The accommodation partnership(German) with ST allows hotels to boost their presence at events and in online and print media. ST makes use of different formats for its editorial content. These include exciting stories, digital and social media platforms, the MySwitzerland.com/besthotels subpage, new e-marketing formats, the Best Swiss Hotels app, thematic accommodation brochures and specific events.