Switzerland Tourism ST joined forces with the non-profit organisation “Protect Our Winters” and invited three of Sweden’s most famous skiers on a rail trip across the snow sports country of Switzerland. They even arrived from Sweden by train. The aim of the journey was to give Swedish winter sports enthusiasts first-hand experience of stress-free, environmentally friendly train travel in Switzerland.

Accompanied by a film and photography team, the skiers travelled to Arosa-Lenzerheide, Laax and Andermatt. The photos taken during the journey were used in a 13-page article in Sweden’s biggest ski magazine “Åka Skidor” which has 65,000 readers.


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Swedish guests are particularly fond of the train: 40.1% of all Swedish guests surveyed cited travelling by train within Switzerland. According to TMS 2017, cars were the second most frequent means of transport used, at 37.9%. 

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During the trip, the film crew shot scenes for the movie “Powder Express”. It was one of only selected films selected to be shown in Sweden at the sold-out ski film festival “Untracked Film Tour”. The festival stopped off at eight different locations throughout Sweden. The final screening was in Åre on 14 December 2018. Almost 4,000 potential Swedish visitors watched scenes showing Switzerland as a paradise for snow sports and public transport.

The jointly produced film also sparked a great deal of media interest. For example, Lottie Knutson, a journalist and presenter for Sweden’s biggest TV broadcaster, showed clips from the film in her morning programme, which averages 800,000 viewers.