Employees of Switzerland Tourism ST carry out reactive and proactive media relations work in 23 markets. The need for information remained high in 2021 as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. ST provided timely, reliable and clear communication and established itself as an opinion leader during the pandemic. This included issuing communication recommendations for the industry, engaging in proactive dialogue with journalists, responding swiftly to their enquiries and carrying out comprehensive media monitoring.

5.18 billion media contacts worldwide

ST’s media relations work during 2021 generated 5.18 billion media contacts globally, which are considered “top coverage”. On the corporate communication front, the ongoing pandemic meant there was again heightened interest from media professionals in the topics of travel restrictions and safety policies. ST was able to set the agenda with a range of tones in media reporting: on TV and radio and in online and print media, e.g. in Luzerner Zeitung/CH Media, Radio SRF Samstagsrundschau, RSI LA1, Tages-Anzeiger/Sonntagszeitung, Le Temps or RTS Radio.

Despite the Covid-related restrictions, ST also held international media trips with a total of 831 media professionals, e.g. in connection with the 100% Women Peak Challenge.

The four pillars of marketing
The marketing model for Switzerland Tourism ST is based on the four pillars of marketing. Specifically, the four main tools for this communication approach are digital marketing, key account management (KAM), key media management (KMM) and promotion. In combination, these four main tools achieve the best possible impact for generating overnight stays. It is important that the different general conditions and consumer behaviour in the various markets are taken into account.
Facts and figures
Key media management   2021 2020
Top Media contacts* billion 5.18
Top Media results*   3,562 3,048
Qualified interactions with media professionals   13,236
Participants in
ST media trips
  831 1,392
Media conferences   54 31
* Positive media pieces prominently placed, with photos
and tourism content that appeared in a key medium.