Where do people like listening to music? In the car, of course. The Grand Tour of Switzerland (GToS) association had the same idea and launched its first Spotify campaign in summer 2019. 16 local radio stations asked their listeners to suggest songs for 11 Spotify playlists. This appeal was heard by 1,759,000 listeners each day (daily average listenership according to Mediapuls 2018).

How many photo spots are there along the Grand Tour of Switzerland?

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10 photo spots 55 photo spots

In all, there are 50 photo spots along the Grand Tour route. At an altitude of 3,089 metres above sea level, the Gornergrat-Matterhorn photo spot is the highest.

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Swiss taste in music is international, but with a local twist
Swiss music producer Roman Camenzind mixed 920 of the suggested songs into 11 playlists. A separate playlist was created for each section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Each contains between 40 and 100 songs, providing continuous entertainment for up to seven hours. The diversity of Switzerland is reflected in the music chosen for the playlists. You’ll find it all here – from classic road trip songs from the US and international pop songs to French chansons and Swiss dialect songs.

Showcase for the Grand Tour of Switzerland
The campaign not only attracted a great deal of interest among the Swiss population, but was also taken up by the media. Many of the participating regional radio stations produced editorial reports on the Grand Tour of Switzerland, having been made aware of it by the Spotify campaign. This is evident from the example of Radio Rottu. The Spotify platform itself is a showcase with great potential: the Swedish music streaming service has around 207 million active users and is particularly popular with young listeners. According to a representative survey, 25% of Switzerland’s 26 to 49 year-olds use Spotify. For the 19 to 25 segment, the figure is as high as 40%.

Online campaign with integrated content, schedule and format
The Spotify campaign was part of a one-month integrated online campaign. The use of social media and programmatic advertising (automatic playback of display advertising, videos and native ads) were further components of the online campaign. The GToS association generated an additional 25.5 million impressions in this way.

The campaign’s integrated content, schedule and format increased the recognition of the Grand Tour of Switzerland among the general populace by 3% to 45.6%. This was the result of a representative online survey commissioned by the GToS association and carried out in Switzerland in summer 2019.  

The Grand Tour of Switzerland

1,600 kilometres of the route of the Grand Tour of Switzerland pass through the most varied landscapes in Switzerland. Find out more on the Grand Tour of Switzerland website.