The client magazine “complete Magazin Luxus”, which is for all gold and platinum card holders of complete Service Bank AG, dedicated its April 2018 issue entirely to Switzerland, primarily with a wide variety of holiday ideas. This was thanks to the Switzerland Tourism ST office in Vienna.

ST provided the basic financing, delivered the content and texts, and involved several partners. These included the strategic partners BMC, Kambly, Odlo and Victorinox, along with the travel agencies Ruefa and ÖBB Railtours, and ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) itself – which were all represented with specific offers. 

High daily spending

There are good reasons for appealing to luxury travellers from Austria. A number of Austrians also took part in the survey by Tourism Monitor Switzerland. The results showed that the percentage of Austrian guests who spend more than CHF 100 per day is 63.7%, significantly higher than the average for all surveyed guests at 57.4% The percentage who spend more than CHF 500 is also higher: 5.9% of Austrian guests compared with an average of 3.4% for all guests.


According to TMS 2017, this is the average amount that Austrian guests spend per day (in CHF) during their holidays in Switzerland, compared to all other visitors.

The complete Magazin Luxus comprised 23 pages, and 205,000 copies were printed. 160,000 were sent directly to card holders by post. 40,000 copies were made available in Austrian trains, thanks to the ST partnership with ÖBB. Train travel in panorama carriages across Switzerland was therefore a major theme in the magazine.