Swiss cities offer world-class art and cultural highlights without the stress of a large metropolis. The 2017 cities campaign emphasised these benefits and appealed to the cultural traveller segment.

In partnership with Art Museums of Switzerland (AMoS), Switzerland Tourism ST created an inspiring marketing and communication mix, tempting visitors to explore the local art and cultural scene. The measures used included key stories, for example. These are informative, multimedia stories – on cultural hotspots such as Lugano, Geneva and Basel. 870,000 city brochures were distributed, alongside activities in the areas of social media, content marketing and media.  

Facts and figures
  2017 2016
Budget CHF m 10.6 10.7
Share of total budget % 11.3 11.6
Target markets BE, CH,DE, ES, FR,IT, UK, USA (with CA)
Brochures distributed m 3.1 5.7
Participants on ST media trips   973 722
Media conferences (home and abroad)   45 62
Media contacts (readers, viewers, listeners) bn 2.50 2.98