Switzerland Tourism’s advertising banners had never before been seen in such prominent locations as they were in 2021. This was due to the impact of the pandemic on prices of advertising sites.

The branding day with Roger Federer in the New York Times alone accounted for nearly 3.3 million impressions.

The favourable rates meant ST and its new brand ambassador and 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer could be spotted advertising Switzerland as a holiday destination in Times Square, New York (63.84 million marketing contacts), at Piccadilly Circus, London (6.16 million marketing contacts), on the frontage of Galeries Lafayette, Paris (3.5 million marketing contacts), in Hamburg’s harbour area (19.05 million marketing contacts) and at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo (6 million marketing contacts in three days).

The deployment of additional federal recovery funds enabled the campaign with Roger Federer to be put into place much more intensively and on a larger international stage. For example, ST launched a series of online and offline advertising themes for summer and winter, always taking account of the latest travel situation in the various markets around the world. These marketing measures generated a total of 559 million top advertising and marketing contacts.