The Switzerland Tourism ST diversification strategy is the most effective way to address the issue of mass tourism. As a national marketing organisation with 32 regional offices in 22 markets worldwide, Switzerland Tourism ensures that both the short and long-haul markets are developed and that campaigns target tourist seasons (which, since 2018, includes autumn). Marketing is precisely tailored to the 13 defined leisure and business tourism sectors. This means that ST can support tourist service suppliers – whether in the Alps, large cities, small towns or peripheral locations – with the goal of ensuring that the entire country benefits.

ST is responding to the rising popularity of influencers with prudent influencer management aimed primarily at inviting influencers to put the spotlight on lesser-known destinations.

These measures for visitor management help Switzerland move further away from the “overtourism” phenomenon compared with other holiday destinations such Paris, Barcelona or Venice – even if the odd bottleneck occurs here and there. Any bottlenecks that do arise tend to be limited in their scale and duration.