From his location in a Chinese shopping centre, ST employee Batiste Pilet explains how the LIVEMap from Switzerland Tourism works (in chinese).

In digital marketing, Switzerland Tourism ST is continually developing its digital communication for all devices and channels. In 2018, alongside established measures on and social media, ST used augmented reality and a new software platform.

Use of augmented reality

With LIVEMap, ST shows how augmented reality technology can be used for marketing communication. At media conferences and exhibitions, images projected onto an aerial map showed what was happening in real time in Switzerland. Thanks to an app on their smartphone or tablet, users were able to see the latest train and flight information, local weather conditions and Instagram feeds. LIVEMap is a fun way to view this content live and in 3D. ST created different layers – including 12 cycle routes, the Grand (Train) Tour of Switzerland and various content from partners in the summer and cities campaigns.

Extended chat service from guurus

In July 2018, ST began working with Swiss start-up Guuru to extend the Switzerland Travel Centre chat service. The Guuru app allows expert customers called “guurus” to help other customers. The report at the end of 2018 is very encouraging: 74 participating guurus and a satisfaction rating of 94%.

The four pillars of marketing
The marketing model for Switzerland Tourism ST is based on the four pillars of marketing. Specifically, the four main tools for this communication approach are Digital Marketing, Key Account Management (KAM), Key Media Management (KMM) and Promotion. In combination, these four main tools achieve the best possible impact for generating overnight stays. It is important that the different framework conditions and consumer behaviour in the various markets are taken into account.
Facts and Figures
Digital marketing   2018 2017
Web visits per day*   88,138 83,500
Web visits per year* million 32.17 30.48 
Languages   16 16
Hotels   1,887 1,943 
Holiday apartments   25,634 22,225 
E-CRM partners   31 30 
Newsletter subscribers   959,137 940,000 
Newsletters sent million 14.92   17.76 
Mobile app downloads million 3.22 3.08 
Social media contacts** million 3.63 3.03 
* WEMF-certified 
 ** Number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vine, Weibo, Ren Ren, Google+ WeChat