Switzerland Tourism inspires an enduring interest in travelling to Switzerland as a holiday, convention and travel destination, placing the focus on attracting new visitors.

It’s looking good! Switzerland Tourism is finally back on track and on the way up. Overnight stays are on the rise again, and our European guests in particular are gradually beginning to rediscover Switzerland as a holiday destination. I am confident that in the years ahead we will once again be welcoming more guests from the eurozone to Switzerland.

But the currency situation remains challenging, and – crucially – we are still worlds away from the successes that Switzerland Tourism was enjoying ten years ago. In the European markets too, it will be a long and rocky road back to our strong position of 2008.

Forging ahead with enthusiasm and a digital vision

It’s certainly a challenge – but it’s one that we are fully embracing. Switzerland Tourism ST remains a digital pioneer. We are pursuing our digital strategy with a clear purpose. We are examining and establishing digital tools for the whole sector and are leading the way in areas such as influencer management and augmented reality. These digital sources of inspiration, with their interactive features, make it even more appealing to travel around Switzerland – be it privately or on an incentive trip. With Instagram, Facebook and others, ST is reaching a large number of digitally savvy guests who, in many cases, have never been to Switzerland. As an early adopter, ST therefore acts both as a beacon for all partners and an anchor for Switzerland’s future as a tourist destination.

The focus remains strongly on the short-haul markets and on the mountain region. Here, we need to make up for the difficult losses of the last ten years. Europe is vital in this respect, because apart from Swiss people themselves, it is Europeans who travel widely across our country, venturing into rural areas and mountain regions.
We Swiss are hard to please and we demand to be surprised. ST makes sure there is plenty to attract and delight tourists from our own country, too, with additional offers such as the new autumn season and exciting cuisine.
Meanwhile, ST is also continuing to tap the huge growth potential offered by individual travel from Asia. In this respect, we are particularly proud of our product development: in close cooperation with tourist service suppliers, we are constantly developing new offers and so responding promptly to visitor needs. 

Our marketing is therefore a finely honed, carefully targeted operation, implemented in selected markets and encompassing all seasons and destinations. For all of these reasons, I – together with our partners – take a very upbeat view of the future for tourism: it’s looking good!

Martin Nydegger, CEO