Many winter visitors from long-haul markets like the Far East (China), India or the Gulf states dream of an authentic snow sports experience. Switzerland Tourism ST made it easy for them to get started and, in partnership with service suppliers, launched the One Day Ski Experience for winter 2016/2017 in 19 large and small resorts. Nine tour operators had fun trying out the offer during the Asia Pacific Workshop.

More destinations in the second winter season

The pioneer project is being continuously developed: “We are still gathering initial feedback and have, for example, changed the name for the second winter season to First Ski Experience. This makes our message even clearer. The initial success can already be seen: for winter 2017/2018, we have expanded the offer to 24 destinations”, said Michael Leibacher, Manager Product Development at ST.
The key word is “one-stop-service”: equipment, instructors and ticket from one provider. The offer also has potential in the Swiss market. ST is using targeted media campaigns to generate interest among expats and second-generation immigrants – for example, with second-generation immigrant Alpcan “Alpi” Özkul.