As part of Key Media Management (KMM), Switzerland Tourism ST supports opinion leaders with research, organises trips and conferences for the press and suggests topics for stories.

ST conducted 11 international press trips in 2017 for a total of 138 journalists. Trips were made to the regions of Basel, Bern, Lake Geneva Region, Graubünden, Jura & Three Lakes, Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region, Eastern Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Ticino, Valais and Zurich. The largest trip was with 32 journalists to the Unspunnenfest.

In addition, the proactive setting of major tourism topics is becoming more important: journalistic pieces such as the story on incentive travel that appeared on the SRF programme “10vor10” or the “20 Minuten” article on the First Ski Experience showed how such topics get on the media agenda through good stories. In 2017, media work generated 16 billion media contacts globally.

ST employees engage in reactive and proactive media work in 26 countries. The worldwide coordination takes place via an interactive newsroom. Through the regular training of employees responsible for media affairs, ST ensures the high standards and success of its media work.

The four pillars of marketing
The marketing model for Switzerland Tourism ST is based on the four pillars of marketing. Specifically, the four main tools for this communication approach are Digital Marketing, Key Account Management (KAM), Key Media Management (KMM) and Promotion. In combination, these four pillars achieve the best possible impact for generating overnight stays. It is important that the different framework conditions and consumer behaviour in the various markets are taken into account.
Facts and Figures
Key Media Management   2017 2016
Media contacts billion 12,03  10.76
Media articles influenced   16 012  16 218
Participants in ST press trips   2 927  2115
Media conferences   106  115
Top media results*   2 484  2196
* Positive media pieces prominently placed, photos and tourism content that appeared in a key medium.