The WAVE Trophy, the world’s biggest e-rally, was held in Switzerland for the first time, and opened the route on the Grand Tour of Switzerland that has been fully electrified since April 2017. 115 teams with modern, exclusive brand vehicles, vintage cars converted into electric cars, e-motorbikes and e-bikes travelled on the Grand Tour of Switzerland. They mastered 16,000 metres of cumulative elevation gain and visited 50 destinations in all four linguistic regions. Reports on WAVE could be found in German magazine “Spiegel” (German), Swiss daily newspapers “Blick” (German), “24heures” (French) and “Corriere del Ticino” (Italian).

Road Trip and electro-mobility

Since then, the world’s first road trip for electric vehicles has been open to the public. 1,600 kilometres of driving distance are fully supplied with electricity. The route makes green tours fun.