Switzerland Tourism ST inspires an enduring interest in travelling to Switzerland as a holiday, convention and travel destination and focuses on attracting new visitors.


There is a palpable spirit of optimism at Switzerland Tourism ST. In 2019, ST not only moved into its new headquarters in Zurich’s former “Stadthalle” building, but also laid a new foundation for Swiss tourism. In future, it will be presented in an even more diverse, digital and emotional way.

More diverse because ST has launched new forms of tourism. Health tourism, the country’s repositioning as a “wedding destination” and the first national platform for wine tourism will appeal to new visitor groups with high potential for added value. These visitors are less bound by the main tourism seasons and less weather-dependent in their booking decisions. The new offering thus contributes to the balanced utilisation of tourism services throughout the year.

The annual report of Switzerland Tourism always presents one year in review. This annual report only covers topics of 2019; all published articles were written before the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

More digital because, among other things, ST has revolutionised the look of MySwitzerland.com. The new content hub features powerful visuals, is adapted for mobile devices, is accessible and fully addresses the information and inspiration needs of modern visitors. By establishing the Management Information System (MIS), ST aims to advance data-driven tourism marketing. It brings together data such as figures for hotel overnights, visitor and market information, ST’s own marketing indicators or currency developments on a single, clear platform.

More emotional because ST aims to focus consistently on the emotional benefits of the Swiss experience. ST has refocused the Switzerland destination brand for this purpose. With its clear positioning and the “Our Nature Energies You.” promise, Switzerland will be identified even more clearly as a holiday destination by potential visitors, thus standing out even more from its competitors.

The new foundations are centrally important to ST’s mission: to sustainably stimulate an appetite for travel and to attract new visitors. The 33 international offices in 22 different markets ensure that these foundations will be effective on a worldwide level. Local ST representatives are always very close to prospective visitors and decision-makers. They are familiar with the travel needs of visitors from their specific country, as well as the relevant holiday trends. ST is now capitalising on these strengths together with its partners in the interests of the entire tourism industry.

Switzerland Tourism Strategy Paper 2020-2022

What is the purpose of the Switzerland Tourism ST national tourism marketing organisation? The strategy paper 2020–2022 answers these fundamental questions. Among other things, the following five tourism targets are defined: ST must attract new visitors, increase the number of overnights and frequency of visits, extend the length of stay, increase added value and aim for a well-balanced stream of visitors. Eight strategic priorities for the next three years have been defined to help achieve these targets. The strategy paper is available to all ST members and can be downloaded at STnet.ch in the member’s area(German).