Snowboard, skis, boots and coats: winter luggage is always extra bulky. Until now, transporting winter equipment by public transport has always seemed too troublesome. For this reason, around 50% of winter visitors come by private car, according to market research by Switzerland Tourism ST. This was the starting point for ST, SBB and the tourism industry: the partners came together to launch the “Luggage Special” project to make luggage transport easier. Following a successful trial run in winter 2018/2019, the special campaign was expanded to winter 2019/2020: luggage transport from the visitor’s front door to their holiday accommodation – that is to over 396 hotels and 373 holiday home addresses in 81 locations – was free of charge throughout the winter season. SBB picks up the luggage, including winter sports equipment, from the visitor’s home, while the hotels handle transport on the last part of the route. Booking is easy, requiring just a few clicks on the special SBB website.

Sustainable tourism, convenience or data-driven marketing: These are issues that faced the tourism sector in 2019.

The visitor’s point of view
ST’s 2019/2020 winter campaign focused on winter visitors as never before: the winter ads and visuals all showed the immediate surroundings from the visitor’s POV (“point of view”) up-close and personal. The POV adopted in the campaign means that what the visitor sees in the promotional content, he will also see with his own eyes on the mountain.

In order to address target groups with an affinity for Switzerland as precisely as possible, three different advertising films were produced that cover the different visitor interest groups – from family experiences to winter sports and snow experiences. In order to promote the Swiss winter even more effectively worldwide, foreign visitors were particularly heavily involved. The first seconds of the winter ad contains arrival sequences from the various countries of origin. Potential winter tourists from Germany, the Benelux countries, Italy, the UK, Scandinavia and the winter-oriented overseas market of the US were portrayed in the ads.