Switzerland Tourism ST extends a 57second invitation to dreamland. A woman enjoys a bath in a green meadow. Pure relaxation in nature’s heartland. ST intended this fresh, emotional and surprising image to appeal mainly to female visitors. The message: Switzerland offers not only hotels, but a wide range of accommodation options – from apartments and farms to Alpine huts, where you can experience nature up close and personal. The YouTube video has been viewed 3.5 million times worldwide, across all languages.

More overnights than in 2019 have never been registered in Switzerland.

A reflection of Switzerland’s gastronomic delights
Together with strategic partner Gastrosuisse, ST went online with a comprehensive overview of the Swiss restaurant scene on MySwitzerland.com/food, which is being successively expanded. Around 700 restaurants are listed on the platform, spread throughout the country and carefully selected by an expert jury. Tanja Grandits is one of six jury members. The chef, who cooks at Stucki in Basel, received her 19th GaultMillau point in 2019. The other five jury members are wine expert Jean-Francois Genoud, journalist and restaurant critic Wolfgang Fassbender, TV chef René Schudel, food blogger Nadja Zimmermann as well as Massimo Suter restaurateur and Vice President GastroSuisse.

The filter function allows users to search according to location and culinary preferences. Searches can also be narrowed down by restaurant type: excursion and mountain restaurants, gourmet restaurants, trendy restaurants or typically Swiss establishments.

The hosts themselves provide all photos and copy. This means that the character of each individual restaurant is palpable. There are also film portraits of various hosts. The list is constantly being updated.  

Greater visibility through accommodation partnership
The accommodation partnerships (in German) with ST allow hoteliers to boost their presence in the international market and in online and print media. ST makes use of different formats for its editorial content. These include exciting stories, digital and social media platforms, the MySwitzerland.com/hotels subpage, new e-marketing formats and thematic accommodation brochures. In addition, ST is present at specific B2B trade fairs and B2C events and uses international trade fairs or workshops as a platform.