In the winter season 2016/2017, the Federal Statistical Office (BfS) counted 212,443 hotel overnight stays by Chinese winter visitors in the mountains. Just one season later, the figure rose by 9.6% to 232,869 overnight hotel stays. For 2018/2019, the Statistical Office registered a further increase of 5.3% to a total of 245,292 overnights.

From which Chinese region (Greater China) do most Chinese winter guests in Switzerland come?

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Beijing
  3. Taiwan
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According to TMS 2017, most of the Chinese winter guests included in the survey in Switzerland come from Hong Kong (29.9%), followed by Taiwan (15.4%) and Beijing (11.7%). 

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Relationship management with opinion leaders
Switzerland has an excellent reputation as a snow sports destination among Chinese skiers and snowboarders. A key reason for this is the work carried out by the Switzerland Tourism ST regional offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. The 14-strong team ensures that Switzerland has a high profile as a winter destination at the most important industry events, such as the World Winter Sports Expo, organising promotional campaigns and media trips. ST China also has an excellent network and maintains good relationships with influential personalities. These include, for example, Hamlet Yu, founder and President of Hong Kong’s Ski and Snowboard Club, which has over 10,000 members. Yu and some of his members took a skiing and snowboarding holiday in Laax in March 2019. Thanks to the proactive media efforts of ST, Swiss TV channel SRF’s “10vor10” (news programme) reported on China’s enormous potential as a snow sports market, with Yu as an example.

ST also supports its partner destinations with marketing and communication campaigns in China. This includes the Jungfrau ski region. In 2019, it won the Golden Snowflake, the people’s prize for the “World’s top ski resort most popular with Chinese skiers”.