Switzerland Tourism ST founded the network for region experts in 2016 with the 13 RDK regions. This makes it even easier to meet the challenges that come with the diversity of digital communication. This knowledge transfer platform is part of the content leadership strategy of ST.

The network consists of one expert from each region. These experts are characterised by their excellent geographic and tourist product knowledge, their experience and their ability to get things done. They act as cross-thematic single points of contact throughout the region and perform the following tasks:

  • represent their entire geographic region
  • maintain a regional content network to destinations, service suppliers, local media, etc.
  • ensure the quality and completeness of tourist content from the destinations
  • search and deliver good content (text, image, video) on time – for planned surveys, but also proactively and on short notice

The network is currently being built up. With various measures, even more dynamic and regular cooperation should be possible. A measure that has already been introduced is the “Season News”. These are regional surveys about new products, new offers or special events – twice a year in summer and winter. The surveys help to create highly relevant content with depth that can be processed early on and used for national and international media work. In addition, the region network aims to serve as a knowledge platform between ST and the regions as well as among the regions themselves.