The world today is filled with technology. There is stress at every turn. The increase in air pollution is epitomised by mega cities like Beijing and Mumbai. There is a growing desire for natural surroundings. This is borne out by surveys such as TMS 2013 (German), the biggest national guest survey. Of around 13,850 guests surveyed in Switzerland, some 50% mentioned the mountains as a must, closely followed by nature in general at roughly 45%.

The “enlivenment” concept

This mega trend is also embodied in the concept of “enlivenment”, coined by natural philosopher Andreas Weber (German). It is the yearning for nature, for a living environment in which people can feel vibrant again. “A touristic experience in harmony with nature is seen as important and trendy”, explains Nicole Diermeier, Head of Marketing at Switzerland Tourism ST. “This is why we focused our summer campaign on the megatrend of nature and authenticity. In line with this, we positioned the Nature Lover guest segment at the heart of our 2017 summer campaign.”