With each of its campaigns, Switzerland Tourism ST aims to trigger people’s desire to travel and find out more information. Each advert attracts the necessary attention and serves as a gateway to the MySwitzerland.com website

The summer advert for the “Nature wants you back!” campaign ran online and on television in Switzerland. Outside Switzerland, it could only be viewed online. An advert needs to be well staged and have a good script if it is to work on the internet as well. “The first five seconds decide whether the viewer closes the ad or continues to watch. That’s why we consciously polarised the subject to get this attention”, explains Head of Marketing Nicole Diermeier. “We managed to pack nature into the advert in a surprising way without sacrificing authenticity. This was why we worked with a fast cut and a strong contrast by constantly switching shots between the office and in natural surroundings, while adding a pinch of absurdity.” ST developed the advert’s storyline in collaboration with the agency Serviceplan and director Thomas Dirnhofer. The advert was shot in Iragna in the Region Ticino, Soglio and by Lägh da Cavloc in Graubünden. ST received the YouTube Award for it.