The Swiss ski areas are the highest on average in the alpine region, and the breathtaking view of the mountain landscape never fails to amaze visitors. That is why winter holidays in Switzerland are always a cut above. And the tourism sector is constantly developing new, innovative offers to upgrade the holiday experience even further: “Upgrade your Ski Day”, “First Ski Experience” and
Learn to Ski in 3 Days” are just a few examples. With this approach, the sector is meeting visitors’ requirements, as this report shows:

Upgrade Your Ski Day

Thanks to the new “Upgrade your Ski Day” offer, visitors holding a valid ticket were able to begin using the cable cars and mountain railways from 3 p.m. the previous day at no additional cost. Over 10,000 winter visitors took advantage of the offer on 32 cable cars and mountain railways across Switzerland. “The offer was extremely popular at winter sports resorts among visitors eager to make an early start on the slopes,” reports Rita Holderegger from the Obersaxen ski area.


By how much % did the number of hotel nights in the winter season 2017/2018 increase compared to the previous year's season?

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2.1% 5.5%

The Federal Statistical Office reported an increase of 786,765 hotel nights (+ 5,0%) to a total of 16,575,711 for the 2017/2018 winter season (November to April).

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First Ski Experience

2,757 visitors took up the chance to try skiing for the first time thanks to an offer available in 21 destinations. That is 874 more participants than in the previous year. The bookings came from China, India, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and Russia. Individual travellers accounted for 85% of them.

Learn to Ski in 3 Days

The 42 Swiss schools taking part promised they would teach you to ski (or get you back skiing) on a blue slope in three days, with a four-hour private lesson each day. And if they hadn’t kept their promise after those three days, you could repeat the course free of charge. “Although we don’t have specific figures, we know that the number of visitors has increased since the offer was introduced,” says Gaby Mumenthaler, Vice-Director & Head of Marketing of the Swiss Ski Schools umbrella association. 

Facts and Figures
Winter   2017/2018 2016/2017
Budget CHF million 20.5 22.4
Share of total budget % 22.3 21.9
Target markets   worldwide worldwide
Page views* million 3.9
Top advertising and marketing contacts million 152 305
Media contacts (readers, viewers, listeners) billion 2.1 4.0
Participants in ST press trips   760 552
Top Media Articles influenced   888 685
Views summer clip on YouTube million 14.2 5.6
KAM-generated overnights million 1.5 1.2
*Only views to pages with specific content for the winter campaign are counted.