The UK is in the grips of bike fever: figures from Cycling UK, the national cycling organisation, show that 3.27 billion miles were cycled there in 2017. That amounts to an increase of 29% over a period of ten years.

So Switzerland Tourism’s bike-based summer campaign was just right for the UK. The London office ran a stand at the London Bike Show in February 2018 as part of its campaign activities.


Which region recorded the most overnight hotel stays from guests from the UK in 2018?

  1. Zurich region
  2. Lake Geneva Region
  3. Bern region
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According to the Federal Statistical Office, the Zurich Region recorded the most, with 309,164 overnight hotel stays by guests from the UK, followed by the Bern Region with 264,871 ON and, taking third place, Geneva with 263,054 ON.

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At the UK’s largest cycling exhibition, around 37,000 visitors discovered a whole host of exciting offers from Switzerland, a paradise for cyclists. ST took part in conjunction with its partners BE! Tourism, Valais/Wallis Promotion and Ticino Tourism, as well as sub-partners and the strategic partners SWISS and BMC. The onsite team distributed more than 1,000 brochures at the fair, met 50 journalists and travel agents to network over coffee and promoted its presence via social media channels.