As a former member of the Kross Racing mountain biking team (now at Trek Factory Racing since autumn 2018), Jolanda Neff is well known in Poland.

Switzerland Tourism ST was able to bring her on board for its country-specific implementation of the bike-based summer campaign 2018. Her friendly, upbeat manner and enthusiasm, together with her successful career in mountain biking, made her an ideal ambassador and face for the campaign.


Which sports activity did the Polish visitors surveyed cite most frequently?

  1. Hiking (minimum two hours)
  2. Swimming
  3. Cycling
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In the survey for TMS 2017, 46.6% of Polish visitors cited “Hiking (minimum two hours)”, making it the most popular sports activity, followed by “Swimming” (21%) and “Cycling” (17.2%).

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ST organised among others two mountain bike trips with Neff, one with Partner Eurotrek and one with Engadin Scuol. This resulted in two videos, viewed by 50,000 people online. Neff posted pictures of the trips on her own social media channels – her Instagram and Facebook – which were followed by a combined total of around 350,000 users worldwide. 

The ST office in Poland also carried out print and online initiatives. The print initiatives led to more than 2.2 million contacts. The online initiatives implemented for the campaign generated 1.3 million contacts, while the promotions on social media reached about 1.5 million people.