The unique sounds and images of the Unspunnenfest in Interlaken reached 700,000 viewers of Polish TV and 400,000 listeners on Radio Krakow. Switzerland Tourism ST had invited the media to show the Polish public the diverse traditional costume culture that still has a place in modern and industrialised Switzerland.

ST estimates that these traditional events generate added value of CHF 150 million throughout Switzerland. This underscores, together with the media coverage, the great importance of Swiss traditions.

Radio journalist Andrzej Lisowski was surprised: “We didn’t think there would be so many different traditions in such a small country. The joy of the participants and their dedication to the event were also astounding”.

ST conducted 11 international press trips in 2017 for a total of 138 journalists in every part of Switzerland. The largest trip was with 32 journalists to the Unspunnenfest.