Wake up at 5am, head to the shed and milk the cows. Then go to the field, repair fences, muck out the shed, milk the cows again in the evening and make cheese. For two weeks, this was the daily routine of 28-year-old Stefan Brogli from Zurich. He and 2,000 others responded to the invitation of UBS and applied for an apprenticeship on the alp.

UBS and Switzerland Tourism incorporated this into the “Nature wants you back.” summer campaign 2017. Like the office workers in the summer campaign ad, Stefan Brogli also experienced a transformation. Looking back, he says that he grew as a person during his time on the Alp in Diemtigtal valley: “The work is extremely difficult. All that effort just for a wheel of cheese that the farmer can sell for CHF 200. I have a huge respect for them! It’s not just physical exertion – it’s also a mental challenge to embrace this hard life and work side by side with others. I found that extremely challenging, but I also learned a lot.”

YouTube videos with over 6 million views

A media team accompanied him during his apprenticeship. The campaign produced a web series and other content that UBS shared via its own microsites and Facebook, for example. This included an Insta-hike with eleven influencers, which generated some 75,000 likes and 1,500 comments. The YouTube videos of the campaign have been viewed more than 6 million times. Daniel Fischer, Head Marketing UBS Switzerland, is delighted: “Many people find the work and rustic life on the alp fascinating. But usually doing a stint on the alp is a long-term commitment – for the first time, we offered a trial running two weeks. Over 2,000 applicants applied for this offer, which exceeded our already high expectations.”

Strategic Partnership with UBS

As part of its strategic partnership with UBS, Switzerland Tourism ST supported the campaign in finding a suitable location and Alpine hut and providing content for the microsite. ST promoted the application process and web series with banners on MySwitzerland.com, in the eNewsletter and with posts on social media. ST also organised the Insta-hike to the Alpine hut, and managed the influencers. With specific content like this hike, the entire UBS Alp Summer helped underpin ST’s “Nature wants you back.” campaign.